Invitation to IUSY Global Seminar 2016

IUSY Global Seminar 2016 – the future of global social democracy

14-17 July 2016 – Gothenburg, Sweden

What:                      Political gathering for leadership members of IUSY MOs and SSU districts
When:                     14-17 July 2016
Where:                    Gothenburg, Sweden
Age:                         16-35 years
Size:                         1 participant per IUSY member organisation or SSU district
Deadline:                Sunday 12 June 2016 (23:59 CET)

Participant profile

Each IUSY member organisation may send one participant and each SSU district may send one participant to the seminar. These persons should hold a leadership position in their respective organisation/district, as they must be able to take back what they have gained from the seminar to their organisation/district and use the outcomes to enact change nationally or regionally.

How to apply

Participants must apply through the online registration forms by Sunday 12 June 2016 at 23:59 CET. There are separate application forms for IUSY member organisations and SSU districts.

Follow this link to complete the registration form for IUSY member organisations.

Follow this link to complete the registration form for SSU districts.

IUSY member organisations can only get one application approved after sending in application. SSU districts are only able to send one participant each. Therefore it is essential that organisations and districts agree who will be the participant rather than allowing multiple members to apply.

More information

You can view the detailed information by following this link to the full invitation. 

You can join the Facebook page for the IUSY Global Seminar 2016 here.

IUSY World Council 2015- An Equal World Is Possible

Dear Comrades,


We have the pleasure of inviting you to the forthcoming:




– An Equal World Is Possible

Yerevan, Armenia – 7th May to 10th May 2015


“Peace is something more than the absence of war, although some nations would be thankful for that alone today. A durable and equitable peace system requires equal development opportunities for all nations.”

    – Willy Brandt


2015 is an important year for the future of international development. The UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development, the UN Climate Change Conference, and the European Year for Development are just a few landmarks that will outline the work of the international community on the struggle for peace, equality and sustainable development in the upcoming years.


It is also the time for us to discuss together the challenges of today and tomorrow in order to propose our solutions for a more equal and fair world. Together we will make an equal world for all possible!


Please make sure to save this date. More information will follow in a few days.


We are looking forward to meeting you all again to enjoy both: fun and politics. Our hosting organization, AYF in Armenia, is happy to welcome you all in Yerevan.


With Socialist Regards,


Felipe Jeldres             Evin Incir                                 Sarkis Megerdichian

IUSY President          IUSY Secretary General       AYF Secretary General



IUSY Political School: Learn and Share!

 18th-22nd February 2015 – Cape Town


Complementary to the different regional committees, IUSY believes that one of the best ways to achieve an active and continuous strengthening of our youth organizations is to empower young people providing them with concrete and stronger tools for spreading organizational d evelopment and promotion of our values and principles.


In this context IUSY is now bringing to Sub-saharan Africa the youth capacity building project; IUSY Political School: Learn and Share! And we are happy to invite you to the third action of this project that will take place in South Africa with the support the Labour Party UK.


For more information about the activity and its content, contact the IUSY Secretariat to receive more information.


Please save the date of the meeting – 18th – 22nd of February 2015.


Each organization can send up to two participants. Please note that this activity is not specifically addressed to the leadership of the organization and that the overall group we will also ensure gender balance.


We kindly ask your organization to disseminate this invitation amongst your members.


All applications need to be sent to by Wednesday 28th November at the latest. See registration from attached.


For any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact the IUSY Secretariat (


Best regards,


Felipe Jeldres                        Evin Incir                            

IUSY President                     IUSY Secretary General        

IUSY World Festival 2014


A week of friends, fun and politics – that is the promise the IUSY World Festival holds. This year about 1000 young activists from around the world came together on the beautiful Island of Malta.  It was an unforgettable week at the IUSY World Festival 2014 in Malta. We engaged in discussions, we experienced international solidarity, we made new friends and we did not forget about the fun. We left the Festival with new motivation, new inspiration and also a lot of new friendships.

Our thanks go to the Maltese comrades from FZL Malta 
who were a great host for the socialist youth from around the world.


On the 21st of August 2014 the African Committee gathered young leaders of the IUSY member organizations from Africa with the aim to strengthen the organizations and the cooperation on the continent at the Ghan Tuffieha Camping Site in Malta. Together we discussed the current political situation in Africa and elaborate strategies to face the challenges that lie ahead. The main theme for the committee was 15 Actions to Eradicate Poverty in 15 Years. During the meeting we also had the opportunity to focus on the African context and aspects of poverty and covered topics like migration, minority rights and HIV/AIDS.

We will never forget!

22nd of July 2011 was a day we will never forget. Our comrades of AUF in Norway were brutally attacked during their summer camp in Utøya where 69 activists died. They were ruthlessly attacked and murdered by racism and the hatred it brought with it. One person might have conducted the terrorist attack, but a whole ideology is responsible for it.

As Socialist, Social Democrats and Labour Youth Organizations our struggle for a world of freedom, democracy, equality and social justice will continue until the day we reach it. The hatred and fear Racism, Fascism and Xenophobia are trying to spread, will never succeed. The human urge for equality and freedom is our antidote and it will ensure a peaceful world.

We will never be afraid. We will continue to organize ourselves and to make sure that we are many together walking hand in hand in the struggle. Silence is the best friend of evil. During this time when right wing extremism is growing, it is especially important that we firmly stand up against it. Only when we are many and we unite our voices; freedom, equality and human dignity will prevail.

We will remember our comrades forever. Their struggle is our struggle. And the struggle continues.


World Council of the Socialist International


We, the International Union of Socialist Youth participated in the Meeting of the World Council of the Socialist International, held in Mexico City, On June 30 and July 1. The delegation was composed of the President of the Organization, Felipe Jeldres, the General Secretary, Evin Incir, and the Vice Presidents Anna Bruckener and Zac Aracely Vargas.

At the Presidium Meeting that took place before the Council, the President made a presentation of the new presidium, reported the realization of the XXX IUSY World Congress, the main conclusions and the organization of the next world festival of the organization, which will be held in Malta from 20 to 26 August.

In the meeting of the Council our President stated openly that IUSY will continue to have a critical view on the current state of the International, and reaffirmed expectations of a change so the that the International will earn and deserves the respect of young socialists around the world again. “We aspire to have an International that be a permanent engine of change, and an important and influential actor in international society. Today we are not the relevant actors are the transnational companies, the financial speculation, the institutions of fiscal regulations. we aspire to an international that be a guide of their  member organizations, which is a contribution to the construction of transformer majorities in each one of their countries, and to shake the conscience of his matches when they have strayed from our values ​​and principle “said .

IUSY will continue working to influence the change necessary to have a Socialist International at the height of what socialists around the world expect, a great voice of the left in the global society.


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La Unión Internacional de Juventudes Socialistas participó de la Reunión del Consejo Mundial de la Internacional Socialista, realizada en ciudad de México, los días 30 de junio y 1 de julio. La  delegación estuvo compuesta por el Presidente de la Organización, Felipe Jeldres, la Secretaria General, Evin Incir, y las Vicepresidentas Anna Bruckener y Zac Aracely Vargas.

En la reunión del presídium que se realizó antes del Consejo, el Presidente hizo una presentación del nuevo presídium, informó de la realización del XXX Congreso Mundial de IUSY, sus principales conclusiones y sobre la realización del próximo festival mundial de la organización, que se realizará en Malta del 20 al 26 de agosto.

Posteriormente, el Presidente de IUSY intervino en la reunión del Consejo, donde junto con reiterar lo anterior, señaló abiertamente que IUSY continúa teniendo una postura crítica respecto al estado actual de la Internacional, y reafirmó las expectativas de cambio que los jóvenes socialistas de todo el mundo tienen respecto a la Internacional. “Aspiramos a una internacional que sea un permanente motor de cambio, y un actor relevante e influyente de la sociedad internacional. Hoy no lo somos, lo son las transnacionales, lo es la especulación financiera, son las instituciones de regulación fiscal. Aspiramos a una Internacional que sea guía de sus organizaciones miembro, que sea una contribución a la construcción de mayorías transformadoras en cada uno de sus países, y que sacuda la conciencia de sus partidos cuando estos se han alejado de nuestros valores y principios” , señaló.

IUSY continuará trabajando por influir en los cambios que sean necesarios para tener una Internacional Socialista a la altura de lo que las y los socialistas de todo el mundo esperan, y para que sea la gran voz de la izquierda en la sociedad global.