XXX. IUSY World Congress 2014 – Adopted Statutes & Resolutions


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Young Political Movements Unite across Ideologies

Following recent events, where IYDU has been questioned regarding its independent existence by its own parent parties assembled under the IDU – IUSY, GYG and IFLRY, the young socialists, greens and liberals of the world, unite in the struggle for independent and free voice of youth within all our political families.

Independent and free youth organisations are essential in the struggle for a strong and autonomous voice of young people which in turn encompasses the great essential principle of participation in democracy. The youth have for many decades faced obstacles when trying to raise their voices. Major strides have been achieved over the last decades and progress made both on international as well as local levels to make sure that these voices are not restricted in any manner.

We, IUSY, GYG and IFLRY recognise the sacrifices made by young people across the globe to participate in forums of political decision-making. We recognise the decades of clamour to be accorded equal opportunities and to freely and responsibly participate in the betterment of our societies. In the wake of developments aimed at stifling these strides, we unite, now more than ever, to condemn any marginalisation or condescension of our counterparts in the different political families. Indeed, democracy demands better.

The youth have suffered marginalisation in various facets of life; social, economic, cultural and political. The Independence of Youth Political Organisations as shall be demonstrated below will be under threat if the world endorses the untoward acts of marginalisation and condescension now threatened by IDU upon the IYDU.

The international umbrella organisations for political ideologies should normally not interfere in each other’s work. However, this time we stand together in stating that youth across political spectrums should unite for their independent existence reinforced by a mutually respectful and empowering relationship with their parent parties. Consequently, the Youth must be able to run youth-led and independent organisations to its parent parties. This is the only way youth can meaningfully engage and provide input. Political parties are no exception. In fact, their responsibility is greater as they provide a model for society to reflect upon.

IDU has called an IYDU statutory meeting in London from 18-20 June 2014 without the approval of the IYDU Executive. This is despite the IYDU being an independent national registered non-governmental organisation, with its own statutes and rules of procedure. Statutes are in place to legally guide and lead NGOs worldwide. An organisation, whichever this may be, can never overtake another organisation’s name and scope against this organisation’s statutes. The IDU measures to hold an IYDU meeting without the latter’s approval is illegal and against international, regional and national law.

IUSY, GYG and IFLRY therefore call upon the IDU to desist from taking these illegal measures against its affiliated youth parties assembled in the IYDU.

”We don’t have a unanimous meeting of ideologies, however, we stand up for each other’s right to exist independently and thus providing a true youth perspective in the frame of our different ideological families. The youth unite us and for them we must stand together against oppression.”

We the undersigned endorse this common call on the 12th Day of June 2014
The IUSY Presidium, the GYG Steering Committee and the IFLRY Bureau


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IYDU – International Young Democrat Union

IUSY – International Union of Socialist Youth:

GYG – Global Young Greens

IFLRY – International Federation of Liberal Youth


Elaboration of the Post 2015 Agenda

 The International Union of Socialist Youth participated in the meeting of civil society youth organizations that was organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), “ECOSOC Forum on Youth 2014: #Youth2015: Realizing the future They want”. The meeting was held the 2nd and 3rd of June in the headquarters of the United Nations, in New York.

The meeting was led by the UN Secretary General’s Envoy of Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, and the President of ECOSOC, ambassador Martin Sajdik. Representatives from social and political youth organizations from all over the world were present to discuss the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the post-2015 Agenda, with the main focus being on labor right and education.

During the meeting, the document “The Global Youth Call: Prioritizing Youth in the post 2015 Development Agenda” was signed, that calls for all Member States to give priority to the youth in the elaboration of the Post-2015 Agenda. The meeting manifested its concern and called for the UN Member States to consider the voices of the youth in the area of education, health, peace, personal security, governance and youth participation; themes that were also the main topics of this document.[1]

Since IUSY’s 30th World Congress, where the resolution “15 Actions to eradicate Poverty in 15 Years” was adopted, IUSY seeks to increase its impact on the post-2015 Agenda, since ours it the generation that mostly will suffer from the consequences of the decisions that are taken today for the coming years. Therefor, IUSY strongly demands a political analysis that breaks with the system that has been created the last centuries and allows us to move towards a new economic, social and political model that is based on the principles of solidarity, equality and social justice. The United Nations must open new doors for reflection and dialogue between different actors. The moment is now and we the youth must play a leading role in this.

[1]More information about the document and the Global Youth Call

Call for Applications

Vetted Roster of Experts on GEPA

UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group and Gender Team have developed a Global Initiative on Gender Equality in Public Administration (UNDP GEPA initiative).

As part of that initiative, a roster of vetted experts on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Public Administration is being established, in order to provide demand-driven advisory services, access to knowledge, and technical backstopping to UNDP country offices, regional service centers and other offices.

Applications are solicited until 30 June 2014, from highly-qualified experts and experienced individuals (not firms) to be considered for inclusion in this new thematic expert roster. We are looking for a diverse group of people in terms of expertise, skills, languages and seniority.

Interested experts should review the announcement and apply only if they meet the minimum requirements as specified in the call for applications. Candidates are welcome to apply in the UNDP working language they wish (English, French or Spanish).

The Gender Equality in Public Administration Vetted Experts Roster announcement is available in English | French |SpanishPlease note that this call for experts is not linked to other UNDP rosters or to a specific UNDP recruitment opportunity. You may send an email to for any questions or clarifications.

Democratic backsliding and human rights violations in Thailand

Thailand has been known as one of most democratic countries in Southeast Asia since 1992. However, eight years of political conflict between the old elites (yellow shirts which are comprised of military, monarchy network and royalists middle class) and the new power (red shirts which are mainly peasants, and rural poor led by the business tycoon, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra) had pulled Thailand’s democracy backwards, culminating in several military coups – one in 2006, and most recently this May 2014.

After the coup had been announced and the constitution was abolished on 22 May 2014, the Army Chief, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha became the interim prime minister with full authority under the enforcement of Martial Law throughout the country. Certain civil and political rights have therein been derogated e.g. right to freedom of expression, right to freedom of assembly and right to freedom of association. Almost 250 academics, politicians, journalists and political activists are currently being detained in undisclosed locations. The Junta has also shut down foreign news channels such as the CNN and BCC and thereafter blocked many websites including the Human Rights Watch website, accusing them of disseminating false information about the political situation in Thailand.

IUSY therefore condemns the recent military coup and the indefinite abuse of power under military dictatorship as it is a severe backlash for democracy and gravely threatens the rights of the Thai people. IUSY also calls for the immediate release of political prisoners and condemns the junta’s censorship and harassment of the media and political activists alike.

IUSY also calls on the Thai military junta to give power back to the people by holding the elections at the most immediate time. Indeed, as we have seen in different cases from all over the world, a peaceful and just society can only be achieved through people’s participation in politics – through ballots, not bullets.

End criminalization and discrimination of LGBT all over the world

On the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) would like to express our solidarity with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people all over the world who are facing criminalization and gender discrimination.

Today, homosexuality is considered a crime in 83 countries around the world. This unacceptable statistics tells us that many LGBT including young LGBT people are facing every day struggles with regards to their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

On the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, we call to end criminalization and discrimination all over the world and demand our member organizations to comply with the principle of non-discrimination. We also demand the United Nations to pass the legally-binding human rights instruments for LGBT rights promotion and protection including the establishment of the United Nation Special Rapporteur on LGBT rights.

IUSY reaffirms the foundation principle that all human beings are born free and equal. No one should be criminalized and discriminated based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

IUSY World Festival 2014

We are glad and proud to invite you to the

IUSY World Festival 2014
from the 20th to the 26th of August
at the Ghajn Tuffieha Camping Site in Malta

The aim of the World Festival is to gather young political activists from all over the world to shape new politics. It offers a high-profile platform for political youth leaders and policy experts to map out their progressive vision for the future. The World Festival has a long tradition and is the highlight for IUSY, its member organizations and all the young people who come to meet new friends, have fun and discuss politics.

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.
Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made
and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.”

Many great socialists and social democrats have fought for long for an equal world. One of them was Nelson Mandela has recently passed away and left us with the hope that everything is possible as long as we believe in our strength to achieve it. The World Festival therefor focuses on “15 Actions to Eradicate Poverty in 15 Years”, which we believe is one of the biggest tasks for socialism and social democracy to deal with as one of its struggle for an equal and just world. .


If you have further questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us ( Kindly note to start your preparations as soon as possible, since it will make it a lot easier for all of us and cheaper for you.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Malta!

Stand Up Against Racism – Every Day!

International Day against Racism on March 21st: IUSY FIGHTS RACISM EVERY DAY!

Today is International Day against Racism. Racism still hits a huge amount of people, all round the world. Some of them every day. Some of them deadly. In some parts of the world we even see how it spreads and brings with it war and inequality.

The International Day against Racism is important to help making daily discrimination more visible. But in fact: as IUSY we say no to racism every day! As IUSY we want zero tolerance against racism! We raise our voice against it, against the extrem-right. Against racism in asylum- and migration policies and against racism in everyday life. It is about firmly standing for our ongoing struggle: against racism and fascism.

Dividing lines between groups of the society are not cultural or ethnic ones, but social and economic ones. Racism is often described as a phenomenon at the margins, but in fact it is quite the opposite. Racism has been and is becoming part of the political discourse and is thereby seen as a “valid political opinion”. We can find it in the whole society, at all levels -whether speaking about laws, institutions or our work environment. Whether we are walking on the street, watching TV or reading newspapers.

As socialists and social democrats, we will never accept a shift in the political debate to be about hierarchies between groups. We must tackle the roots of the problem. We believe that these include social injustice, inequality, unemployment and segregation as part of a capitalist system.

As IUSY we believe in diversity. And we are fighting racism all over the world. In single steps, one after the other. We will not succeed on one single day. Maybe not until tomorrow and maybe not even until the day after. But every single day, we are making a difference.  STAND UP AGAINST RACISM – EVERY DAY!