Letter from DTK Youth on the Terrorist Attacks in the Kurdish City of Pirsûsê (Suruc)

Dear Friends,


Around 300 members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) gathered to help the citizens of Kobanê to re-build the city. They were going to plant trees, build a library and a park. This trip was one of many trips arranged by the organisation.  Our comrades, belonging to the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations gather Turkish and Kurdish young people, and have their roots in both Kurdistan and Turkey. Their mother party is the Socialist Party of the Oppressed- ESP. It is a member of the  Democratic People Congress- HDK in Turkey and in Kurdistan a member of The Democratic Society Congress- DTK. Both parties are the same, but cover different regions. Also the well-known People‘s Democratic Party- HDP is a member of HDK and DTK. 


On the 20th of July, the activists were a target of a terrorist attack in the Kurdish city of Pirsûsê (Suruc). This attack was an attack against brother- and sisterhood between Turkish and Kurdish youth. The aim was to target values of equality and solidarity. 


The deed, that cost  32 young activists’ lives and more than 100 injured, is by the Turkish AKP government claimed to be a suicide bomber attack. The news reported that the deed was conducted by the fascist and rapist organisation DAIS (ISIS).


However, the deed has in fact socialist youngsters and the revolution in Rojava (Western Kurdistan- Syrian parts of Kurdistan) as its target. The Turkish government wants to frighten the youth and declare that Rojava is a ”red line”. The Turkish government is even preventing help and support to reach Rojava. The Turkish President Erdogan has previously stated that ”PYD- Democratic Union Party is more dangerous than ISIS”. There is no difference between the threat against Kobanê and the deed in  Pirsûsê. Similar attacks have previously been conducted against HDP‘s offices in Adana, Mersin, during an election campaign in Amed (Diyarbakir), Kobanê and many other places. The Turkish government has not taken any precautions to make sure to prevent possible future attacks, instead they have been satisfied with only condemning the attacks.  


AKPs friendly approach towards DAIS is known to the public. The DAIS gangs move freely between Turkey and Rojava due to the lack of control in the Turkish controlled borders. DAIS’s injured members even get health-care and treatment in Turkish hospitals. The latest revelations show that the Turkish Security Service has sent trucks full of arms and ammunition to DAIS. 


USA and EU warned Turkey about their policy and told them to be clearer on their stand against DAIS. Turkey was also told to take precautions in the Turkish-Syrian boarders, but unfortunately the warning didn‘t have any effect.


The young activists who were murdered declared early that they were going to be in Kobanê, between 19th -24th July, with the aim to help-out with re-building the city. But their application to cross over to Kobanê was rejected by the Pirsûsê local government. The 20th July the activists wanted to make their work and situation official. At this meeting they became a target for hate and terrorism. The deed makes one reflect and ask the question “Why?”.


There are clear indicators on that DAIS can conduct terrorist attacks without the Turkish AKP government taking any safety measures or intervening. Therefore, the Turkish AKP government is as responsible for the massacre.


Despite the actions of the Turkish government, there is still hope and positive development among the people that brings hope to Turkish, Kurdish and between eastern people. The AKP government is unfortunately continuing their mass arrests of political prisoners, attack against democratic civil organisations and continuing the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. AKP government for example turned a blind eye to the bomb attacks that took place in Diyarbakir the 7th of June during the election campaign of HDP.  


We want to declare that the attack against the Kurdish people and attack against the people in the region is an attack against humanity. We condemn all attacks against all peace seeking forces and we appeal to all democratic and peaceful forces to stand up and dare to speak out.


In Solidarity,





A suicide attack has killed until now around 30 people and wounded nearly 100 others in Suruç, near the Syrian border in the Kurdish parts of Turkey, where hundreds of young people gathered to help Kurdish people in Kobanê to rebuild their casual life.


We, as Young European Socialists and International Union of Socialist Youth, condemn this horrible terror attack. The terror attack is one of many terror attacks being conducted in the region the last months. Furthermore, we are condemning the actions of the ruling party in Turkey- Justice and Development Party (AKP)- for their lack of actions against ISIS terrorists. AKP has repeatedly refused to even recognize ISIS as a terrorist organisation and have not been able to give a notable explanation regarding the guns transported to Syria through the Turkish controlled borders. AKPs actions will not be forgotten. Young people’s desire for peace, democracy and freedom must and can‘t be silented by national, religious or financial interests. AKPs desire for an intervention by the Turkish government in Syria through co-operation with ISIS will not be accepted. Equality, solidarity and democracy will prevail!


Young European Socialists and the International Union of Socialist Youth stands with all the resisting people in the Middle East and all of those who are fighting against the violent radicalisation in the region. Peace in Middle East can only be reached with diversity, secularism, solidarity and respect. The answers are spelled- equality, freedom and justice for all!


Peace cannot and will not come by violence against young innocent people, whose brave ideas aims to reach a region for all!


Solidarity with Suruç and Kobanê!



YES- Young European Socialists              IUSY- International Union of Socialist Youth



IUSY World Council 2015- An Equal World Is Possible

Dear Comrades,


We have the pleasure of inviting you to the forthcoming:




– An Equal World Is Possible

Yerevan, Armenia – 7th May to 10th May 2015


“Peace is something more than the absence of war, although some nations would be thankful for that alone today. A durable and equitable peace system requires equal development opportunities for all nations.”

    – Willy Brandt


2015 is an important year for the future of international development. The UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development, the UN Climate Change Conference, and the European Year for Development are just a few landmarks that will outline the work of the international community on the struggle for peace, equality and sustainable development in the upcoming years.


It is also the time for us to discuss together the challenges of today and tomorrow in order to propose our solutions for a more equal and fair world. Together we will make an equal world for all possible!


Please make sure to save this date. More information will follow in a few days.


We are looking forward to meeting you all again to enjoy both: fun and politics. Our hosting organization, AYF in Armenia, is happy to welcome you all in Yerevan.


With Socialist Regards,


Felipe Jeldres             Evin Incir                                 Sarkis Megerdichian

IUSY President          IUSY Secretary General       AYF Secretary General

IUSY & AUSY Seminar on “Road to Peace & Democracy: Moderation v/s Extremism”

Arab Union of Socialist Youth (AUSY) & International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) in cooperation with Olof Palme International Center and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, are glad and proud to invite you to The International Conference:


 “Road to Peace & Democracy: Moderation v/s Extremism”

13, 14, 15 February 2015


As young Socialists and Social Democrats, we believe in Freedom, Equality and Justice for all. Therefore, we believe that the threat represented by extremism and the brutality of IS- Islamic State (Daash) is an imminent danger to the world and the human values. Furthermore, it is a threat to diversity and pluralism in the Middle East throughout the brutal war waged by the terrorism against groups as Kurds (especially Yazidis) Christians and Shiites.


We assure our absolute support to the valiant Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which are fighting a war on behalf of the whole world. They have shown that they play a leading role to confront extremism, criminality and brutality practiced by the terrorist group IS.


The struggle for peace, democracy and freedom continues. The last weeks have shown that democratic forces can and will prevail, when the Kurdish forces managed to rescue Shangal and its people from the hand of IS.


The AUSY-IUSY international conference will be a high-profile platform for moderate political organizations, progressive youth leaders, and policy experts from Middle East, North Africa and the whole world in order to raise a call for peace and democracy.


If you have further questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us ausy@ausy.info- in the case of AUSY Members and iusy@iusy.org – in the case of IUSY Member Organisations.


With socialist regards,


Felipe Jeldres                  Evin Incir                                    Raed Bou Hamdan 

IUSY President               IUSY General Secretary         AUSY General Secretary

Upcoming Event: Study Visit in Israel and Palestine, 9th-13th of January

IUSY is planning a study visit to Israel and Palestine together with our member organizations Young Meretz, Fatah Youth, Willy Brandt Center and Olof Palme International Center, in order to learn more about the current situation in and between the countries.


The Study Visit will contain of meetings with IUSY Member Organisations Young Meretz, Young Labour, Fatah Youth and Al Mubadara. Furthermore, we will have meetings with NGO‘s and representatives from different parties and organisations in both countries. 

We are now launching this open call to our Member Organizations in case you would like to participate in the Study Visit. Please note however, that IUSY will only be able to cover costs for accommodation, meals and transports in the countries during the study visit.


The visit is programmed for 9-13 January 2014; arrival foresee for Friday 9th (since we will start early on Saturday the 10th) and departures foreseen on Tuesday 13 January. 


Should you be interested in participating, let us know via iusy@iusy.org before the 5th of January at the latest. 


For more information, don‘t hesitate to get in touch with us.

IUSY World Festival 2014


A week of friends, fun and politics – that is the promise the IUSY World Festival holds. This year about 1000 young activists from around the world came together on the beautiful Island of Malta.  It was an unforgettable week at the IUSY World Festival 2014 in Malta. We engaged in discussions, we experienced international solidarity, we made new friends and we did not forget about the fun. We left the Festival with new motivation, new inspiration and also a lot of new friendships.

Our thanks go to the Maltese comrades from FZL Malta 
who were a great host for the socialist youth from around the world.


On the 25th of August 2014 the Mediterranean Committee gathered young leaders from the IUSY member organizations from the Mediterranean with the aim to strengthen the organizations and the cooperation on the continent at the Ghajn Tuffieha Camping Site in Malta. Together we discussed the current political situation in the Mediterranean and elaborated strategies to face the challenges that lie ahead. This year’s Mediterranean committee took place in connection to the IUSY World Festival. The main theme for the committee was 15 Actions to Eradicate Poverty in 15 Years.