Invitation to Training of Trainers: Structural Empowering

Dear Comrades,

We are glad to invite you to the

IUSY Capacity Building:


19th – 25th September 2016, Mollina, Malaga (Spain)

In IUSY we organise many international events, whether they are regional committees, seminars or political schools. We regularly meet to debate and discuss, and more often than not we’re the ones facilitating such exchanges and dialogues. Therefore we believe we must have an active role in the preparation, delivery and evaluation of the methodology we use for these events.

We see non-formal alternatives to formal education being increasingly used in our society, in all sorts of different environments. Non-formal education methodology offers us the chance to develop opinions and skills through experiential learning, is inclusive to different learning styles and provides variety in programme. This is why we believe we should mainstream diverse methodologies into the activities of IUSY. Through this training we aim to position ourselves in the challenge zone in order to offer greater diversity on our events and obtain richer outcomes from our meetings and discussions.
In this Training for Trainers we aim to provide active members of IUSY the chance to acquire and develop training and facilitating skills. We’ll think about how non-formal methods can improve our activities, explore the different ways non-formal education can be utilised as a tool in our programmes, and, in addition, we will also create a network of trainers to help us deliver future IUSY activities.

We encourage you to disseminate this call for participants among the members of your organisations. Please be aware it is unlikely that more than one member per organisation will be selected to participate in this event, therefore we would encourage you to discuss internally who to put forward from your organisation before applying. Please keep in mind that the application deadline is Monday 1st of August 2016.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the IUSY Secretariat at:

– – – – –


  • To promote the concept of non-formal education as a working tool among the participants and, as an extension, their member organisations
  • To provide participants with knowledge, tools and confidence to pursue training in their local organisations
  • To bring the global perspective to the local level by providing training and facilitation skills to the participants
  • To train members on the concepts that are relevant for youth political activism/campaigning training in order to be multipliers in their organisations (such as advocacy, speech drafting, communication skills, etc.)
  • To develop the IUSY Pool of Trainers by improving the training capacities of young activists and youth organisations

The workshops will be facilitated based on the core values of participatory non-formal education/learning and on the basis of global education. The programme will promote critical analysis and be tool-oriented to improve the capacities of young activists and youth organisations at the national and local levels.

– – – – –


This activity is not aimed towards the leadership of IUSY member organisations, it is addressed to youth activists. Please note that this is an educational activity therefore it is required that the participants stay for the whole activity duration and also to contribute to IUSY activities after the training.

Participants should:

  • Belong to IUSY member organisation.
  • Be aged 18-35
  • Have a proficient level of English (the only working language during the activity)
  • Availability to contribute to IUSY activities

Since we expect to provide all regions with trainers for their events, we’re aiming for participants from all regions and from a variety of member organisations.

According to the IUSY statutes, we’re also looking to achieve a gender-balanced training so we reserve the right to select participants based on gender criteria if needed.

– – – – –


Due to limited space of 12 people, there will be an application process. To apply you must complete the following by Monday 1st of August:

  1. Ensure you fulfil the above criteria
  2. Write a motivation letter, including why you are applying and your vision for the work
  3. (Optional) Obtain a recommendation letter, which outlines your interest in attending the training and/or previous experience
  4. Complete the digital application form by following the registration link.

Follow this link to complete the application form.

Please note you should not buy any flight tickets before your application is approved.

– – – – –


IUSY will cover your flight ticket up to a fixed reference price. The maximum amount for travel reimbursement will be sent to you together with a confirmation letter.

– – – – –


The participation fee is set for 50 euro and should be transferred to IUSY bank account before the event starts. Bank details will be sent along with a confirmation letter.

– – – – –


There will be a 50€ cancellation fee charged to each organisation whose participant withdraws after 7 August and without a valid reason.

 – – – – –


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of the project at the IUSY office:

Eugeni Brigneti
IUSY Project Manager
Tel: 0043 699 1353 2970

11717556_943359802372966_2698645331513406370_o(Picture of a previous edition of the UYD)






We would want to inform you about the availability to apply for becoming coordinator for the following working groups:

– Feminist Working Group

– Pool of Trainers Working Group


The coordinators main role is to plan (together with the IUSY presidium) and conduct the work of the working group. The Coordinators will have a close contact with appointed Vice Presidents who will be responsibility for the groups and the coordinators will also be invited to the IUSY Presidium meetings. However, IUSY will not be able to provide any travel reimbursement for the coordinators for the presidium meetings.

To apply for becoming coordinator you should send us:

1. Letter of motivation where you describe why you are interested and your ambitions for the working group you want to coordinate. Furthermore, we would also like you to provide us with your previous engagement in the area of interest, since we would very much be interested in previous experience on the fields.

2. Nomination letter from your national organization.

Deadline for application is set for 1st July. Send your application to **Please share widely**

Stop the war in Bakûr (Northern Kurdistan), Halt immediately the democratic recession in Turkey

Resolution passed by the IUSY Presidium on 29th May 2016 in Vienna, Austria

President Recep Tyyip Erdogan was once praised as a role model for leaders of emerging Muslim Majority nations due to several reform packages he initiated early in his term as Prime Minister of Turkey. Today, he enjoys a reputation far from the democratic, reformist and progressive one he once held among the international community.

Erdogan’s AKP (Justice and Development Party Turkish: Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi) government underwent several crises including corruption scandals, accusations of media intimidation, as well as the pursuit of an increasingly polarising political agenda along ethnic lines; inciting political hatred throughout the country.

Erdogan today, after his ascension to the Republic’s Presidency, is speedily taking the Turkish State towards a one-man system. Erdogan and his party – the Turkish oligarchy- entrenched by the most polarising form of nationalism, is carrying out destruction, annihilation and looting in Kurdistan in order to preserve its colonial agenda.

In order to achieve this dirty objective, Erdogan initiated a comprehensive war in Kurdistan on July 2015. First, he ceased the peace process between the Turkish state and PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê )‎ and isolated its leader Abdullah Ocalan. Very soon after, he attacked the people with suicide attacks on what was widely alleged as a joint AKP-ISIS operation. In these attacks, 5 people were killed in Diyarbakir, 33 people in Suruc, and 100 people in Ankara; at least a total of 929 people were wounded in all three attacks.

The police and army were introduced in the second phase of Erdogan’s war. For months now curfews have been declared in several towns and cities across Kurdistan. Kurdish towns such as Cizre, Silopi and Sur in the city of Amed (Diyarbakir) have been almost completely destroyed. In Cizre alone, 120 civilians were burnt alive in a basement (this has been documented by the UN, HRW and AI). The same things are now occurring in Nusaybin, Yuksekova and Sirnak. All Kurdish towns are under the attack of the Turkish army on a daily basis. Until now, a total of 800 civilians (mostly women and children) have been killed in these towns and cities by the Turkish state.

Currently, Erdogan is targeting elected Parliamentarians who stand in the way of his dictatorial ambitions. His goal of abolishing the parliamentary system is now ever closer. From 2013 to 2015, the HDP (The Peoples’ Democratic Party Turkish: Halkların Demokratik Partisi) participated in peace negotiations with the AKP government on behalf of PKK, and for this, the political immunities of the HDP legislators were selectively removed. Erdogan did so with the help of the representatives of Turkish state nationalism: AKP, the MHP (Nationalist Action Party, Turkish: Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi) and some members of CHP (Republican People’s Party: Turkish: Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi). It has once again been proven that the only thing that these parties agree on is animosity towards the Kurdish people.

Erdogan’s regime is also blackmailing EU with the refugee crisis into providing it with financial and political aid, all whilst not doing anything to protect the refugees; on the contrary, allowing them to drown in the Mediterranean Sea.


  • IUSY expresses loud criticism against the EU’s silence on this matter. The EU’s fear is clearly based on the likelihood of Turkey pulling out of the Refugee Deal if critical voices from the EU were to escalate. Human Rights and Democracy should never be allowed to be bargained against each other.
  • IUSY denounces any form of vilence, oppression and selective persecution whether it be based on ethnicity, gender, political inclination. The Erdogan regime is clearly taking an ethnical approach to his dictatorial agenda; and IUSY and the world should not tolerate such abbhorence.
  • IUSY extends solidarity with the peace seeking Kurdish freedom movements. In order to reach a peaceful resolution in Turkey it is important that among others the PKK should be included in the peace talks. Therefore, we call on removing the PKK from from the terrorlist to maket his possible.
  • IUSY calls for the international community, the EU, the USA and other Western countries to recognize the important role of Kurds for contentment and stability in the region.
  • IUSY follows closely the current development in Turkey where MPs of the HDP have had their Parliamentary immunity revoked as a strategy to silence the critique of the regimes treatment of Kurds, other minorities and dissidents. We demand that the AKP regime, along with MHP and members of CHP, withdraw their decision and reinstate the immunity for the HDP MPs back to the same terms as for all other MPs.

Invitation to IUSY Global Seminar 2016

IUSY Global Seminar 2016 – the future of global social democracy

14-17 July 2016 – Gothenburg, Sweden

What:                      Political gathering for leadership members of IUSY MOs and SSU districts
When:                     14-17 July 2016
Where:                    Gothenburg, Sweden
Age:                         16-35 years
Size:                         1 participant per IUSY member organisation or SSU district
Deadline:                Sunday 12 June 2016 (23:59 CET)

Participant profile

Each IUSY member organisation may send one participant and each SSU district may send one participant to the seminar. These persons should hold a leadership position in their respective organisation/district, as they must be able to take back what they have gained from the seminar to their organisation/district and use the outcomes to enact change nationally or regionally.

How to apply

Participants must apply through the online registration forms by Sunday 12 June 2016 at 23:59 CET. There are separate application forms for IUSY member organisations and SSU districts.

Follow this link to complete the registration form for IUSY member organisations.

Follow this link to complete the registration form for SSU districts.

IUSY member organisations can only get one application approved after sending in application. SSU districts are only able to send one participant each. Therefore it is essential that organisations and districts agree who will be the participant rather than allowing multiple members to apply.

More information

You can view the detailed information by following this link to the full invitation. 

You can join the Facebook page for the IUSY Global Seminar 2016 here.

Letter from DTK Youth on the Terrorist Attacks in the Kurdish City of Pirsûsê (Suruc)

Dear Friends,


Around 300 members of the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations (SGDF) gathered to help the citizens of Kobanê to re-build the city. They were going to plant trees, build a library and a park. This trip was one of many trips arranged by the organisation.  Our comrades, belonging to the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations gather Turkish and Kurdish young people, and have their roots in both Kurdistan and Turkey. Their mother party is the Socialist Party of the Oppressed- ESP. It is a member of the  Democratic People Congress- HDK in Turkey and in Kurdistan a member of The Democratic Society Congress- DTK. Both parties are the same, but cover different regions. Also the well-known People‘s Democratic Party- HDP is a member of HDK and DTK. 


On the 20th of July, the activists were a target of a terrorist attack in the Kurdish city of Pirsûsê (Suruc). This attack was an attack against brother- and sisterhood between Turkish and Kurdish youth. The aim was to target values of equality and solidarity. 


The deed, that cost  32 young activists’ lives and more than 100 injured, is by the Turkish AKP government claimed to be a suicide bomber attack. The news reported that the deed was conducted by the fascist and rapist organisation DAIS (ISIS).


However, the deed has in fact socialist youngsters and the revolution in Rojava (Western Kurdistan- Syrian parts of Kurdistan) as its target. The Turkish government wants to frighten the youth and declare that Rojava is a ”red line”. The Turkish government is even preventing help and support to reach Rojava. The Turkish President Erdogan has previously stated that ”PYD- Democratic Union Party is more dangerous than ISIS”. There is no difference between the threat against Kobanê and the deed in  Pirsûsê. Similar attacks have previously been conducted against HDP‘s offices in Adana, Mersin, during an election campaign in Amed (Diyarbakir), Kobanê and many other places. The Turkish government has not taken any precautions to make sure to prevent possible future attacks, instead they have been satisfied with only condemning the attacks.  


AKPs friendly approach towards DAIS is known to the public. The DAIS gangs move freely between Turkey and Rojava due to the lack of control in the Turkish controlled borders. DAIS’s injured members even get health-care and treatment in Turkish hospitals. The latest revelations show that the Turkish Security Service has sent trucks full of arms and ammunition to DAIS. 


USA and EU warned Turkey about their policy and told them to be clearer on their stand against DAIS. Turkey was also told to take precautions in the Turkish-Syrian boarders, but unfortunately the warning didn‘t have any effect.


The young activists who were murdered declared early that they were going to be in Kobanê, between 19th -24th July, with the aim to help-out with re-building the city. But their application to cross over to Kobanê was rejected by the Pirsûsê local government. The 20th July the activists wanted to make their work and situation official. At this meeting they became a target for hate and terrorism. The deed makes one reflect and ask the question “Why?”.


There are clear indicators on that DAIS can conduct terrorist attacks without the Turkish AKP government taking any safety measures or intervening. Therefore, the Turkish AKP government is as responsible for the massacre.


Despite the actions of the Turkish government, there is still hope and positive development among the people that brings hope to Turkish, Kurdish and between eastern people. The AKP government is unfortunately continuing their mass arrests of political prisoners, attack against democratic civil organisations and continuing the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan. AKP government for example turned a blind eye to the bomb attacks that took place in Diyarbakir the 7th of June during the election campaign of HDP.  


We want to declare that the attack against the Kurdish people and attack against the people in the region is an attack against humanity. We condemn all attacks against all peace seeking forces and we appeal to all democratic and peaceful forces to stand up and dare to speak out.


In Solidarity,





A suicide attack has killed until now around 30 people and wounded nearly 100 others in Suruç, near the Syrian border in the Kurdish parts of Turkey, where hundreds of young people gathered to help Kurdish people in Kobanê to rebuild their casual life.


We, as Young European Socialists and International Union of Socialist Youth, condemn this horrible terror attack. The terror attack is one of many terror attacks being conducted in the region the last months. Furthermore, we are condemning the actions of the ruling party in Turkey- Justice and Development Party (AKP)- for their lack of actions against ISIS terrorists. AKP has repeatedly refused to even recognize ISIS as a terrorist organisation and have not been able to give a notable explanation regarding the guns transported to Syria through the Turkish controlled borders. AKPs actions will not be forgotten. Young people’s desire for peace, democracy and freedom must and can‘t be silented by national, religious or financial interests. AKPs desire for an intervention by the Turkish government in Syria through co-operation with ISIS will not be accepted. Equality, solidarity and democracy will prevail!


Young European Socialists and the International Union of Socialist Youth stands with all the resisting people in the Middle East and all of those who are fighting against the violent radicalisation in the region. Peace in Middle East can only be reached with diversity, secularism, solidarity and respect. The answers are spelled- equality, freedom and justice for all!


Peace cannot and will not come by violence against young innocent people, whose brave ideas aims to reach a region for all!


Solidarity with Suruç and Kobanê!



YES- Young European Socialists              IUSY- International Union of Socialist Youth



IUSY World Council 2015- An Equal World Is Possible

Dear Comrades,


We have the pleasure of inviting you to the forthcoming:




– An Equal World Is Possible

Yerevan, Armenia – 7th May to 10th May 2015


“Peace is something more than the absence of war, although some nations would be thankful for that alone today. A durable and equitable peace system requires equal development opportunities for all nations.”

    – Willy Brandt


2015 is an important year for the future of international development. The UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development, the UN Climate Change Conference, and the European Year for Development are just a few landmarks that will outline the work of the international community on the struggle for peace, equality and sustainable development in the upcoming years.


It is also the time for us to discuss together the challenges of today and tomorrow in order to propose our solutions for a more equal and fair world. Together we will make an equal world for all possible!


Please make sure to save this date. More information will follow in a few days.


We are looking forward to meeting you all again to enjoy both: fun and politics. Our hosting organization, AYF in Armenia, is happy to welcome you all in Yerevan.


With Socialist Regards,


Felipe Jeldres             Evin Incir                                 Sarkis Megerdichian

IUSY President          IUSY Secretary General       AYF Secretary General