Against all forms of fascism, for an inclusive, equal and multicultural society!!!

The Italian fascist movement Forza Nuova organised a national demonstration in Prato (Tuscany) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the fascism birth next March 23th.

On 23 March 1919, Mussolini enunciated in Milan, the fundamental principles of the political movement Fasci Italiani di Combattimento.

Adopting the motto “Save Italy”, the demonstration’s organizers decided to evoke the fear of “Bolshevik invasion” from last century and to feed this fear with a new threat: the “strangers invasion”.

Prato is actually identified as an Italian symbol of a multi-ethnic and a multi-cultural community, a model to fight if you want to build fear of others, of foreigners, xenophobia and hate.

We cannot allow fascists groups to celebrate the dictatorship that deprived men and women of their freedom for two decades.

We still need to fight discriminations and hate based on the primacy of the Italians culture.

The Italian Constitution forbids the reorganizing, in any form whatsoever, of the dissolved fascist party. Italian and international laws ban racial hate propaganda and condemn inciting ethnic, racial or religious hatred and discrimination.

The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution on the rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe. The Resolution of 25 October (20182018/2869(RSP)), having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, strongly condemns all violent attacks by neo-fascist groups against politicians and members of political parties as reported in some Member States, acknowledges the worrying trend of neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups using social media and the internet to organise and strategize across the European Union, deplores the fact that in some Member States public broadcasting has become an example of single political party propaganda, which often excludes opposition and minority groups from society and even incites violence, calls on the Member States to take further measures to prevent, condemn and counter hate speech and hate crime.

In solidarity with Italian people, IUSY share the struggle of Italian friends and comrades and strongly demands that no place in the political representation or in the public space is given to ideas and movements unambiguously supporting fascist history and values.