Call for Applications Queer Working Group 2019: Amplifying Queer Voices


What:             Queer Working Group Meeting

When:             13-16 June, 2019 (including travel dates)

Where:           Vienna, Austria

Age/gender: 18-35 years old and gender balanced

Size:               Max 2 participants per region

Deadline:       05 May 2019


The Queer Working Group 2019 will bring together young activists of IUSY member organisations from all 7 regions. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the Queer Working Group and enhance cooperation for the protection and promotion of queer rights. The meeting will offer a platform to discuss current political situations in the regions in regards to queer issues, give space to engage in a dialogue on common struggles and obstacles, and work together to come up with strategies to enact political and social change. Participants can look forward to meeting youth actors, be part of EuroPride, getting involved in political debates and discussions, sharing experiences and ideas and building up their international network. There will also be an added focus on skill building.

The theme of the Queer Working Group in 2019 “Amplifying Queer Voices“

73 Jurisdictions in the world still criminalises private, consensual same sex relationships between adults, 44 of them specifically criminalise sexual relations between women and 13 of them have the death penalty. In all too many countries queer people face discrimination, based on sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sexual characteristics. The inequalities are many and ranges from (but not limited to) being denied a job or housing to being physically attacked and sometimes even murdered. The discrimination and violence that are facing the queer community today is completely and utterly unacceptable. IUSY condemns all human rights violations towards the Queer community and vows to continue to work for a world where all people have their human rights are respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. IUSY supports every person’s right to their sexual orientation and gender identity, without restriction by the preconceived ideas and values of society.

During the Queer Working Group meeting we will focus on two main topics, firstly, the different types of discrimination that face the queer community today and secondly, what types of allies we need to help create change without silencing queer voices. The aim is for our queer activists to develop a do’s and don’t’s guideline on allyship that we can spread to the rest of our MOs in order to strengthen the organisations work on queer rights as well as to develop a yearly work plan with action days for joint activism.

We will therefore, explore different types of discrimination, focus on how we as young politicians can help to limit the discrimination faced by the queer community, developing our queer activism and determine what requirements we need from an ally. We will also share experiences from our own countries, take part in the EuroPride Parade and have important discussions with the overall aim to strengthen queer activism and political participation within IUSY.

For any questions or remarks please don’t hesitate to contact the IUSY Secretariat at

We are very much looking forward to seeing you!


This activity is not aimed towards the leadership of IUSY member organisations; it is addressed to youth activists. Please note that it is required that the participants stay for the whole duration of the activity and also to contribute to IUSY activities after the activity.

Participants should:

  • Belong to IUSY member organisation.
  • Be aged 18-35
  • Have been active/working/studying in the field of queer rights
  • Be willing to continue to work with the Queer Working Group and be active in the field of queer rightsafter the activity has taken place
  • Be willing to plan and conduct follow-up activities to the training at local and national level
  • Have availability to contribute to IUSY activities in the future
  • Have a proficient level of English (the only working language during the activity)

We’re aiming for participants from all regions and from a variety of member organisations.

According to the IUSY statutes, we’re also looking to achieve a gender-balanced training so we reserve the right to select participants based on gender criteria if needed.


Due to limited space for participation there will be an application process. To apply you must complete the following form by 05 May. Please follow the link below. It is essential to fill in the parts that reflect your experience, background and motivation in joining the activity.

Link to the registration: Please copy and paste it into your browser.

NOTE: No registration will be accepted after the deadline.   

Participation fee

The participation fee for the activity is 30€ per person and must be paid by 31 May 2019. The participation fee will cover accommodation, meals, refreshments and programme for the duration of the event. Any additional nights’ accommodation must be arranged and paid by participants.

Once you have made the bank transfer, please send a payment receipt to Please be aware that IUSY cannot take responsibility for any bank fees. If you are unable to make a bank transfer in advance you must inform us before 18 April 2019.

Outstanding membership fees and/or debts

Please note that only organisations without outstanding membership fees or debts are entitled to receive travel reimbursement. Therefore, we would ask for organisations to transfer their outstanding fees or debts by bank transfer as soon as possible.

If you are unable to pay your membership fee and/or debt, please contact the IUSY Secretary General Ana Pirtskhalava ( and IUSY President of Control Commission ( to discuss possible options.

Travel reimbursement

IUSY will cover your flight ticket up to a fixed reference price. The maximum amount for travel reimbursement will be sent to you together with a confirmation letter.

Please note you should not buy any flight tickets before your application is approved!!!


The IUSY Secretariat will support visa applications for the event. If you require a visa, please send a copy of your passport to as soon as possible, so the secretariat can draft a visa invitation letter for you. Please note that you will have to book your appointments and conduct the visa process by yourself.


Arrivals and Departures

Day of arrival for the IUSY Queer Working Group is 13 June and the day of departure is the 16 of June 2019. Please make sure to arrange your travel accordingly and do not forget that IUSY will NOT be able to cover accommodation or any other additional expenses for delegates who need to stay additional nights in Vienna.

How to get to the hotel

Details on the how to get to the hotel and venue will be provided at least two weeks before the event. Please note that we will not provide airport transfer.

Accommodation and meeting venue

Detailed information about the hotel and meeting venue will be sent to all participants nearer the time, at the latest two weeks in advance of the event.


There will be a 30€ cancellation fee charged to each organisation whose participant withdraws after 01 June, 2019 without a valid reason.


Amanda Lilliefeldt

IUSY Project Manager

Email: or

Phone: +43 699 135 32 970

We are looking forward to receiving your registrations!