Feminist Working Group: Call for Applications


What: Feminist Working Group Meeting 2019
When: 27-30 June 2019 (including travel dates)
Where: Salvador Alllende Haus, Oer-Erkenschwick (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Age: 18-35 years
Size: Maximum 2 participant per region
Registration Deadline: 30th April, 2019


The Feminist Working Group 2019 will bring together young activists of IUSY member organisations from all seven regions. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the

Feminist Working Group and enhance organisational cooperation on the topic.

The meeting will offer a platform to discuss current organisational and regional situation in regards to gender equality, gender discrimination, inclusive participation and gender based violence. It will also give space to engage in a dialogue on common struggles and obstacles, and work together to come up with strategies to enact political and social change. Participants can look forward to meeting youth actors, getting involved in political debates and discussions, sharing experiences and ideas and building up their international network. There will also be an added focus on working on a toolkit/guideline for gender equality in youth organisations.

THEME – Gender mainstreaming in youth organisations

In the past two years IUSY Feminist Working Group has had enriching experiences and opportunities to meet and discuss our common struggles and problems regarding feminism, gender equality, gender based violence and many related topics. We have implemented two social media campaigns on “Stories of Women*” (2017, 2018) and one Women*Resist video campaign which is still ongoing.

During our discussions and experience sharing we observed that the struggle for gender equality and against discrimination and violence in many cases and contexts remains limited to women’s groups within the organisations. Therefore, too often it is limited to those organisations and movements that already have strong feminist structures and working groups. We also identified that there is a “feminist bubble” where gender issues are tackled in a safe space, giving the impression that practices have changed, when, for many organisations and in many cases, they indeed have not. This situation is more complex when there are so many organisations with different realities and contexts gathered under the umbrella of IUSY.

This year we plan to focus on our member organisations, their struggles and their contribution for making a change. We want to open a space for us and our participants to explore the topic of gender equality and all related aspects in our organisations and in our movement. We believe that that there is a huge potential to work together and make a significant change. We want to explore the reach of gender equality by recognising and naming the challenges that we face in different organisations and realities. Only by starting with this we can more forward to have more inclusive organisations without discrimination and violence. Finally, we will set advanced goals for gender equality in youth organisations and design tools/guidelines and methods to carry them out – the IUSY Toolkit/ Guideline for gender equality in youth organisations, which will be shared in our global movement and with our partner youth organisations.

Objectives of the working group meeting 2019

  • Strengthen the understanding of gender identity and recognise the importance of gender equality in youth organisations and our movement
  • Comprehend the current situation in youth organisations regarding gender equality and the main challenges and issues to address in order to improve further
  • Set short- and long-term goals for improvement of gender equality in youth organisations and design an advanced strategy to reach the defined goals
  • Engage in creating a toolkit/guideline for gender equality in youth organisationsThe activity is hosted by our member organisation Sozialistische Jugend Deutschland – Die Falken.Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the IUSY Secretariat at iusy@iusy.org.

IUSY toolkit/guideline


This activity is not aimed towards the leadership of IUSY member organisations, it is addressed to youth activists. Please note that it is required that the participants stay for the whole duration of the activity and also to contribute to IUSY activities after the meeting.

Participants should:

  • –  Belong to IUSY member organisation.
  • –  Be aged 18-35
  • –  Have been active/working/studying in the field of feminism/feminist movement
  • –  Be willing to continue to work and be active in the field of gender and feminism
  • –  Be willing to work in creating the toolkit
  • –  Availability to contribute to IUSY activities in future
  • –  Have a proficient level of English (the only working language during the activity)Please note that places are limited and there will be a selection process based on your application. We will inform everyone who has applied about the result of their application one week after the deadline.HOW TO APPLY

    Due to limited space for participation there will be an application process.

    To apply you must complete the following form by 30th April 2019. Please follow the link below. It is essential to fill in the parts which reflect your experience, background and motivation in joining the activity.

    Link to the registration: https://forms.gle/4M7JVeAEhjqGAVKc8  NOTE: No registration will be accepted after the deadline.


IUSY will cover your flight ticket up to a fixed reference price. The maximum amount for travel reimbursement will be sent to you together with a confirmation letter.

Please note you SHOULD NOT buy any flight tickets before your application is approved!!!


The IUSY Secretariat will support visa applications for the event. If you require a visa, please send a copy of your passport to iusy@iusy.org as soon as possible, so the secretariat can draft a visa invitation letter for you. If your participation is confirmed we ask you to contact the German embassy/consulate in your country as fast as possible for visa appointment.


Details on the meeting venue, hotel and transport from/to airport will be communicated after your participation is confirmed. Please note that accommodation and meals are fully covered by project.


The participation fee for the activity is 30€ per person and must be paid by 1st of June 2019. The participation fee will cover accommodation, meals, refreshments and programme for the duration of the event. Any additional nights’ accommodation must be arranged and paid by participants.

Once you have made the bank transfer, please send a payment receipt to iusy@iusy.org. Please be aware that IUSY cannot take responsibility for any bank fees. If you are unable to make a bank transfer in advance you must inform us before 1 June 2019.


Please note that only organisations without outstanding membership fees or debts are entitled to receive travel reimbursement. Therefore, we would ask for organisations to transfer their outstanding fees or debts by bank transfer as soon as possible.

If you are unable to pay your membership fee and/or debt, please contact the IUSY Secretary General Ana Pirtskhalava (ana.pirtskhalava@iusy.org) and IUSY President of Control Commission (roland.gur@iusy.org) to discuss possible options.


There will be a 30 Euro cancellation fee charged to each organisation whose participant withdraws after 1 June and without a valid reason.


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of the project at the IUSY Secretariat:

Gohar Ghandilyan

IUSY Project Manager
EMAIL: gohar.ghandilyan@iusy.org Phone: +43 699 135 32 960

IUSY Secretariat

EMAIL: iusy@iusy.org