IUSY Student Working Group in Solidarity with Georgian Students

Nowadays, Georgian government does not acquire long-term vision or answer to the question: what kind of higher education and universities do we need in modern society? Their universities do not accumulate modern knowledge; they are not oriented on scientific progress and development. Meantime students are excluded of every decision-making process.

To face this problem, students of different Georgian state universities formed an initiative group named Youth for Educational Reforms. The most important request they are fighting for are:

  • New law in which democracy and transparency are guaranteed as long as student participation of the decision-making.
  • Reform the current funding model and replace it with a globally acknowledged design called direct and targeted funding
  • Creating a working group between students, experts and state departments relevant to the subject to discuss and coming up with solutions on the educational system.

IUSY strongly supports Georgian students in this Educational Reform and encourage them to keep fighting not only for them but also for the generations to come. All over the world students are making history having a fundamental role in changing educational systems that guaranteed quality and accessibility to Higher education.

Let’s make history together!