Rainbow Rose and IUSY pledge their solidarity with the LGBTI community in Georgia

For the first time ever a pride event will take place in Tbilisi from 18th to 23rd of June 2019. In the traditionally conservative country, the LGBTI community faces various struggles, especially after a pro-LGBTI manifestation in 2013, which was stopped violently by counter demonstrators. Despite legislation that prohibits discrimination against LGBT people the social acceptance is very low and LGBTIs often face abuse and physical violence.

Rainbow Rose, the only Europe-wide party political LGBTI organisation, and IUSY, the International Union of Socialist Youth, render their full support to the Georgian LGBTI community.

“We express our solidarity with the LGBTI community in Georgia, in their fight for equal rights all over Europe and the world”, said Rainbow Rose president Camila Garfias and IUSY president Johanna Ortega added „Especially for young people it is important to know that their identity and sexual orientation is just fine. This is the only way to prevent suicides of LGBTI youth!“