Stand up for Human rights!

Human rights day 2017

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights cannot be just words on a paper,” said Howard Lee, IUSY President.

“It has to become a tangible reality of every human being”, he continues. Today, 10th of Dicember, is the International Day of Human Rights.

Thanks to the unprecedented access to knowledge and information, humans are more aware than ever before of their place in this world; both as individuals as well as part of the global community of humans.

The beautiful and astonishing plurality of our world, becomes more and more so, as our awareness grows by the exponentially increasing connectivity we enjoy through technology.

We are now better connected than ever before to other human beings who have different economic, political, cultural, and social values.

Never ever have we been able to touch, feel, know and even fall in love with fellow humans who are ethnically, historically, linguistically, and religiously different from us.

We should be more mindful than ever before that all human beings should respect each other’s human rights to exist, grow, prosper, and thrive as what we are born to be and as of whom who choose to become.

Yet, the technology that enables us to know about the diversity of our world and our species is being used to create, frictions, anger, hatred, conflict and even war between human beings.

Furthermore, diversity and plurality itself is the instrument used to incite confrontation, as though separation and homogeneity is the only path to harmony.

The fundamental solution to all of this needs to be the universal acknowledgement and acceptance that every human being should have some certain basic inalienable rights, and these should be what is written in the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

It is our duty to ensure that human rights are respected in the communities we live, in our neighbourhoods, at our schools, in our families.