Ceasefire deal reached between Colombian Govermenet and Farc

IUSY welcomes the news about ceasefire deal reached between the Colombian government and Farc and we are looking forward towards a permanent peace agreement


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From the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) we celebrate the process that is taking place today in Colombia between the  Colombian Government and the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) , a process that set the road towards a very much needed peace of great importance for America and the world. Dialogue between the parties has been the methodology in order to look for solutions that would give a guarantee of peace and a stop to the conflict.

The government of Colombia and the FARC announced a definitive agreement for the cessation of bilateral fire, including aspects such as laying down of weapons by the guerrillas, security guarantees, the fight against paramilitarismo and persecution of criminal behaviours which threaten peace in Colombia.

The government and the FARC in Colombia have reached a consensus on other key issues such as security guarantees and the fight against criminal organizations, these being breakthrough points.



Desde la Unión Internacional de Juventudes Socialistas ( IUSY) celebramos el proceso que hoy se está presentando en Colombia, entre el gobierno y las FARC ( fuerzas armadas revolucionarias de Colombia) , un proceso que da inicio a una muy necesaria paz de gran importancia para América y el mundo. El diálogo entre las partes ha sido la vía para la búsqueda de soluciones que permitirán la garantía de paz y el cese al conflicto.

El gobierno de Colombia y las FARC anunciaron un acuerdo para el cese del fuego bilateral y definitivo, entre otros aspectos como: el abandono de las armas por parte de la guerrilla, las garantías de seguridad, la lucha contra el paramilitarismo y la persecución de las conductas criminales que amenazan la paz en Colombia.

El gobierno y las FARC en Colombia han logrado un consenso acerca de otros puntos fundamentales como las garantías de seguridad y la lucha contra las organizaciones criminales, siendo estos puntos un gran avance.

Condolences for Jo Cox MP

We are shocked and saddened to hear the news of the horrific murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox. Our comrade was holding a surgery in her constituency in West Yorkshire when a man attacked her. She was stabbed and shot a number of times; the motivation remains unclear at time of writing. She focused her mandate on the Syrian crisis and on humanitarian law, was the founder and chair of the ‘Friends of Syria’ All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), and, in the past months, was a passionate campaigner for the Remain Campaign in the EU referendum debate.

This is not just an attack on a comrade and on a fellow Labour Party member, but an attack on what we stand for as socialists and social democrats., This is an attack on democracy itself. We express our deep condolences to Jo’s family and friends and to our British comrades. We are reminded that we have to stand up against violence and extremism, to challenge hate and intolerance and to know violence and weapons won’t stop us. We shall overcome.

Stop the war in Bakûr (Northern Kurdistan), Halt immediately the democratic recession in Turkey

Resolution passed by the IUSY Presidium on 29th May 2016 in Vienna, Austria

President Recep Tyyip Erdogan was once praised as a role model for leaders of emerging Muslim Majority nations due to several reform packages he initiated early in his term as Prime Minister of Turkey. Today, he enjoys a reputation far from the democratic, reformist and progressive one he once held among the international community.

Erdogan’s AKP (Justice and Development Party Turkish: Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi) government underwent several crises including corruption scandals, accusations of media intimidation, as well as the pursuit of an increasingly polarising political agenda along ethnic lines; inciting political hatred throughout the country.

Erdogan today, after his ascension to the Republic’s Presidency, is speedily taking the Turkish State towards a one-man system. Erdogan and his party – the Turkish oligarchy- entrenched by the most polarising form of nationalism, is carrying out destruction, annihilation and looting in Kurdistan in order to preserve its colonial agenda.

In order to achieve this dirty objective, Erdogan initiated a comprehensive war in Kurdistan on July 2015. First, he ceased the peace process between the Turkish state and PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê )‎ and isolated its leader Abdullah Ocalan. Very soon after, he attacked the people with suicide attacks on what was widely alleged as a joint AKP-ISIS operation. In these attacks, 5 people were killed in Diyarbakir, 33 people in Suruc, and 100 people in Ankara; at least a total of 929 people were wounded in all three attacks.

The police and army were introduced in the second phase of Erdogan’s war. For months now curfews have been declared in several towns and cities across Kurdistan. Kurdish towns such as Cizre, Silopi and Sur in the city of Amed (Diyarbakir) have been almost completely destroyed. In Cizre alone, 120 civilians were burnt alive in a basement (this has been documented by the UN, HRW and AI). The same things are now occurring in Nusaybin, Yuksekova and Sirnak. All Kurdish towns are under the attack of the Turkish army on a daily basis. Until now, a total of 800 civilians (mostly women and children) have been killed in these towns and cities by the Turkish state.

Currently, Erdogan is targeting elected Parliamentarians who stand in the way of his dictatorial ambitions. His goal of abolishing the parliamentary system is now ever closer. From 2013 to 2015, the HDP (The Peoples’ Democratic Party Turkish: Halkların Demokratik Partisi) participated in peace negotiations with the AKP government on behalf of PKK, and for this, the political immunities of the HDP legislators were selectively removed. Erdogan did so with the help of the representatives of Turkish state nationalism: AKP, the MHP (Nationalist Action Party, Turkish: Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi) and some members of CHP (Republican People’s Party: Turkish: Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi). It has once again been proven that the only thing that these parties agree on is animosity towards the Kurdish people.

Erdogan’s regime is also blackmailing EU with the refugee crisis into providing it with financial and political aid, all whilst not doing anything to protect the refugees; on the contrary, allowing them to drown in the Mediterranean Sea.


  • IUSY expresses loud criticism against the EU’s silence on this matter. The EU’s fear is clearly based on the likelihood of Turkey pulling out of the Refugee Deal if critical voices from the EU were to escalate. Human Rights and Democracy should never be allowed to be bargained against each other.
  • IUSY denounces any form of vilence, oppression and selective persecution whether it be based on ethnicity, gender, political inclination. The Erdogan regime is clearly taking an ethnical approach to his dictatorial agenda; and IUSY and the world should not tolerate such abbhorence.
  • IUSY extends solidarity with the peace seeking Kurdish freedom movements. In order to reach a peaceful resolution in Turkey it is important that among others the PKK should be included in the peace talks. Therefore, we call on removing the PKK from from the terrorlist to maket his possible.
  • IUSY calls for the international community, the EU, the USA and other Western countries to recognize the important role of Kurds for contentment and stability in the region.
  • IUSY follows closely the current development in Turkey where MPs of the HDP have had their Parliamentary immunity revoked as a strategy to silence the critique of the regimes treatment of Kurds, other minorities and dissidents. We demand that the AKP regime, along with MHP and members of CHP, withdraw their decision and reinstate the immunity for the HDP MPs back to the same terms as for all other MPs.

Young people demand the election of the President of the European Commission remains democratic

Statement from political party youth organisations on discussions by Heads of EU Member States to block the “Spitzenkandidaten” process of electing the President of the European Commission. 

The 2014 European elections were the first time voters were able to have a say on who should run the European Commission, with the five main European political parties putting forward candidates who became known by the German term “Spitzenkandidaten”. The main European political party youth organisations have strongly defended this democratic system following reports[1] that almost all EU Heads of States or Government are planning to revert to the previous system, under which they decide on the President behind closed doors.

The European Union is facing challenges on multiple levels, and clear European leadership is essential if Europe is to act cohesively to solve its existential issues. It is vital, therefore, for the EU’s future that it strives to be ever-more democratic and transparent. The process of European elections determining the next President of the Commission has been a hugely positive step in empowering citizens to choose the direction of the EU, adding transparency and more democratic legitimacy to the process. Reversing this would be a regressive step in the democratising trend that has been ongoing in the EU for several decades, especially at a time when the citizens already feel that the EU lacks legitimacy.

The Spitzenkandidaten process gave a face to European leaders. It helped to open up EU democracy, which often seems to be very distant from citizens, especially for young people. In 2014, the European Youth Forum, along with the University and City of Maastricht and Euronews, organised the first-ever televised debate between these Spitzenkandidaten. This debate, broadcast live to millions of viewers, focused on youth issues. Over the course of the elections, the Spitzenkandidaten process contributed to bigger media coverage and, in several Member States, it stopped the tendency of continuously decreasing participation rates.  A regressive move back to the old system would risk further alienating voters, particularly young voters, who are often sceptical of engaging in traditional politics. To secure more popular support, the European Union needs to be more democratic, not less.

It is in the interest of our national leaders to support the continuous opening up of European democracy. Therefore we demand that they follow the recent call from the European Parliament to secure and develop theSpitzenkandidaten process.[2]

After all, is it not better that one of the key leadership positions of the EU is decided on by its 500 million citizens rather than just by 28 heads of state?[3]


YFJ – European Youth Forum

YEPP – Youth of European People’s Party

DEMYC- Democrat Youth Community of Europe

FYEG – Federation of Young European Greens

EFAY – European Free Alliance Youth

LYMEC – European Liberal Youth

JEF – Young European Federalists

IFLRY – International Federation of Liberal Youth

IUSY – International Union of Socialist Youth

YES – Young European Socialists

YDE – Young Democrats for Europe

AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum

[1] http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/eu-parlament-mitgliedsstaaten-wollen-macht-der-waehler-beschraenken-1.2971462

[2] http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=-%2f%2fEP%2f%2fTEXT%2bTA%2bP8-TA-2015-0395%2b0%2bDOC%2bXML%2bV0%2f%2fEN&language=EN

[3] Not all 508 million Europeans have the right to vote. In some MS citizens have the right to vote from the age of 16, in others only at the age of 18.


Here you can see the statement in the YFJ website:



A suicide attack has killed until now around 30 people and wounded nearly 100 others in Suruç, near the Syrian border in the Kurdish parts of Turkey, where hundreds of young people gathered to help Kurdish people in Kobanê to rebuild their casual life.


We, as Young European Socialists and International Union of Socialist Youth, condemn this horrible terror attack. The terror attack is one of many terror attacks being conducted in the region the last months. Furthermore, we are condemning the actions of the ruling party in Turkey- Justice and Development Party (AKP)- for their lack of actions against ISIS terrorists. AKP has repeatedly refused to even recognize ISIS as a terrorist organisation and have not been able to give a notable explanation regarding the guns transported to Syria through the Turkish controlled borders. AKPs actions will not be forgotten. Young people’s desire for peace, democracy and freedom must and can‘t be silented by national, religious or financial interests. AKPs desire for an intervention by the Turkish government in Syria through co-operation with ISIS will not be accepted. Equality, solidarity and democracy will prevail!


Young European Socialists and the International Union of Socialist Youth stands with all the resisting people in the Middle East and all of those who are fighting against the violent radicalisation in the region. Peace in Middle East can only be reached with diversity, secularism, solidarity and respect. The answers are spelled- equality, freedom and justice for all!


Peace cannot and will not come by violence against young innocent people, whose brave ideas aims to reach a region for all!


Solidarity with Suruç and Kobanê!



YES- Young European Socialists              IUSY- International Union of Socialist Youth



Job Opening In the IUSY Secretariat: Call for New Project Managers

IUSY is looking for three Project Managers to its Secretariat. The Project Managers will be assigned different portfolios.


IUSY Secretariat is a small team consisting of the Secretary General who leads the work, three full time employed Project Managers and one part time employed Project Manage.


The first Project Manager is to be expected to join the team already in the beginning of July and the other two are to be expected to join the team in the beginning of August.


More information is to be found via the links below:


1. Call for IUSY Project Manager- Activity and Financing

Expected to start in the beginning of July


2. Call for IUSY Project Manager- Communication

Expected to start in the beginning of August


3. Call for IUSY Project Manager- Administrative Support

Expected to start in the beginning of August




IUSY Presidium Resolution #CharlieHebdo

As a IUSY Presidium, we are speechless and shocked about the attack against the editorial office of CHARLIE HEBDO in Paris on Wednesday 7, 2015. The attack left 12 people dead. As well, we are grieving for the victims during the hostage-taking at the Kosher grocery who were preparing for Shabbat. Our condolences are expressed to the families and friends of the victims.


The tragic occurrence at the editorial office of CHARLIE HEBDO was not only an attack on an editorial magazine. It was an attempt to weaken democracy and solidarity in society through aiming to attack the freedom of speech. We will never allow this to happen. The answer must therefor be more freedom and more democracy.


The attempt of the political right wing to exploit the violent incident in Paris leaves us angry and furious. Front National in France, as well as numerous other right-wing forces around the globe, seek to gain political capital out of this situation. They abuse the tragedy in Paris in order to justify their racist and islamophobic positions. With this behaviour the right-wing shows clearly that they have very much in common with the assassins: Both positions root in intolerance and hatred. As IUSY, we reject any hierarchisation of people, no matter whether if it is constructed with religion or origin, gender identity or sexual orientation.


Fundamentalism and extremism are always rooted in unjust circumstances people have to live their lives in. Their lost trust in a future in dignity. Only with fighting inequality, we can reach a future with mutual trust. Stigmatizing the Muslim community and excluding them from participation in society would only push, especially young people, into the hands of fundamentalists.


Whether in France, Syria or other parts of the world- in these days, our solidarity is with everyone suffering from religious fundamentalisms. We thus refuse all attempts to trivialize, exclude and villainize everyone of Muslim believe or the Muslim community as such. As a movement, we are working all around the world for an end of the spiral of exclusion and oppression, which is only strengthening religious fundamentalisms and therefor leading to attacks such as in Paris.


Our everyday work is about outlining an alternative vision of how we want to live together. Especially now, we have to oppose to all forces of oppression, religious fundamentalism and racism, through a strong vision of a future in equality. We will not be intimidated. We will stay even stronger together. All around the world and every day.

No more violence against women! No more gender inequality! No more excuses!

Today, IUSY recalls once again for stopping violence against women and any structural gender-based inequality. November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 and fought for by grass roots feminist activists since the 1980s.

The struggle for a society without violence must be a struggle for gender equality within society. Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive violation of human rights in the world today. It is the most alarming indicator of gender inequality.

Historically, the date commemorates the assassinations of the political activists and sisters Patria Mirabal Mercedes, María Argentina Minerva Mirabal and Antonia María Teresa Mirabal. They were known as “Las Mariposas” (The Butterflies) and were member of the opposition movement “June 14th“. They fought against the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. On November 25th, 1960, after months of rape and torture ordered by Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo, they got murdered.

To remember the fight of the Mariposas, the novelist Ángela Hernández proposed to introduce November 25th as a day of action against violence on women at a congress of South American and Caribbean feminists in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1981.

Today and in the upcoming days, there are numerous activities of IUSY member organisations all over world. Both causes and consequences of violence against women are numerous and go hand in hand with the unequal distribution of power between genders. Today is about speakig about it. About making this visible. About breaking the silence. Get involved – we need every single voice to support this cause.

Shaping a future of gender equality, all of us should also participate in today’s action day task of making the institutions that are already there to help women in situations of violence more visible. If you know places that support women in situations of violence, share this knowledge with the women you know. Stand up for more save spaces for women, stand up for more prevention measures, for better and more sensitive education on gender-based violence and oppression. We need all of you, because we are in this together. Fight with us for gender equality and against violence on women!

No more excuses – stop violence against women now!

IUSY Presidium