Restart negotiations Now!

IUSY WORLD COUNCIL 2017 - Across borders - 23/26 March 2017 - Rosario, Argentina

Resolution presented by CTP Youth

approved as modified by the amendment by the IUSY World Council 2017, on March, 25th.

Amendment nº1 – presented by LYL(approved)

IUSY has been closely following the developments in Cyprus towards a comprehensive settlement of a bizonal, bicommunal federation under a single international identity and political equality of the two major communities living in Cyprus; Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Within this framework, we have recently conducted a study visit to Cyprus in collaboration with Olof Palme International Centre.

IUSY finds it crucially important that the community leader Mr. Anastasiades and Mr. Akinci had presented maps to each other in the 1st Geneva Summit with the attendance of the guarantee powers relevant to the agreements of Zurich and London: Greece, Turkey, and UK. We are looking forward to the 2nd Summit soon and expecting a reasonable approach from all sides that would answer to the necessities and sensitivities of everyone living in Cyprus. A settlement that would be reached in Cyprus, the easternmost border of the EU, would also set an example to the nearest geography, the Middle East, that a political settlement is possible without violence in such a way that respects not only the culture and tradition of the communities but also the need for equal treatment and security.

IUSY would like to draw attention at this crucial point that nationalism shall not be allowed to plague the communities and jeopardize the efforts to reach a settlement. Therefore IUSY strongly condemns any attacks or harassments towards any member of the communities by the nationalist components of both sides and demands strong legal action towards the perpetrators to discourage these unacceptable kinds of acts and promote the sense of security with freedom of movement without hesitation and extends its solidarity and support to all bicommunal projects that is currently taking place to support the re-approachment of both communities and is ready to contribute whenever necessary.

IUSY would like to address the issue of populism that is not only plaguing Cyprus but also the whole world. IUSY wants to point out the importance of the solution of the Cyprus problem for a more stable and more peaceful region. 

IUSY would also like to point out to the nationalist propaganda of the education system in both Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. The indoctrination of young people with biased views of history and teaching of “the other” community being an enemy should be halted immediately and revised to be up to the standards of the 21st century. IUSY firmly believes that young people shall not be tools of nationalist propaganda in any way, which is an attempt to further deepen the conflict and is only having negative effects towards both communities. The component of hate speech in the education system is unacceptable in the 21st century Europe especially in a conflicted zone.

IUSY would also like to stress that compulsory military service within both communities is also unacceptable as the young males are forced to spend years of their lives to serve in the military. The absence of conscientious objection in both communities pushes the young people to learn how to kill a person whether they want it or not which is a violation of the human rights. Therefore, all efforts of decreasing the duration of military service and the legalization of conscientious objection is supported by IUSY. IUSY wishes that young people would be rid of this burden completely in a short period of time.

IUSY would like to urge all the young generation to work together in order to support the community leaders for a  comprehensive settlement of a bizonal, bicommunal federation under a single international identity and political equality of the two major communities. IUSY also encourages the community leaders to take serious political decisions towards the settlement of the issue without hesitation to change the course of history for their common island. The division of fraternal communities shall end and an environment of peace and stability shall come. A new Cyprus without borders and barricades is possible. Restart the negotiations now and get the job done!