IUSY stands against the mainstreaming of right-wing populism and fascism

IUSY WORLD COUNCIL 2017 - Across borders - 23/26 March 2017 - Rosario, Argentina

Resolution presented by Societas – New Movement

approved as modified by the amendments by the IUSY World Council 2017, on March, 25th.

Amendment nº1 – presented by SJDFalken (approved)
Amendment nº2 – presented by SJDFalken (approved)
Amendment nº3 – presented by SJDFalken (approved)
Amendment nº4 – presented by SJDFalken (approved)
Amendment nº5 – presented by SJDFalken (approved)

The presence of radical right wings groups has always been worrying, but their size and most importantly the collective memory of the survivors of the World War II and that of the following generations gave reassurance that right wing ideologies will never again be a leading force.

This is not the reality anymore. Radical groups that so far had no visibility, started to gain more and more media attention. By now, from being the ‘bad examples’, they became pundits and commentators on mainstream media platforms.

The outcome of the US election and the group of advisors the 45th US president has chosen undoubtedly had an important effect on the strengthening of neo-fascist movements all over the world. Xenophobic, racist, misogynous, homophobic statements and alternative facts became mainstream.

IUSY strongly condemns this threatening tendency. We underline the fact that giving platforms to these ideas means providing tools for the further radicalization of people around the world. By mainstreaming misogynous, racist, anti-Semitism, homophobic statements, these platforms become indirectly responsible for the attacks of the most vulnerable groups targeted by right-wing ideologies and actions. IUSY also stresses that respecting the right of free speech and providing platforms to dangerous ideas are not the same thing.

In this context, IUSY expresses its deepest concerns at the radicalization of young people, especially in the online space. Similarly to Isis, people with right wing ideologies also use the Internet to incite against vulnerable people. There is an ever-growing number of online hate groups that must not be left unnoticed.

We are devoted to stop the far right radicalization of the youth by engaging in conversations with young people all over the world, offering them our values that are based on inclusiveness and showing that hatred and aggression against certain groups are not the answers to the economic hardship young generations are facing today.

Also, IUSY expresses its full support to the victims of the right wing radical movements and stands next to all vulnerable groups that are targeted. IUSY continues to work for inclusiveness and solidarity all around the world.

Finally, we call on all international organization, the European Union, governments and established political parties to stand against the mainstreaming of radical right and make it clear that for democratic countries the respect of human rights, democracy and the rule of law are just as important conditions for political cooperation as economic interests.