Current political crisis in Serbia

In the night on the 16 of March, after 15 very peacefull protests, that have been held in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, and more than 100 days on the streets all over the country (in more than 100 cities in the country), protesters demonstrating against the autocratic rule of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, entered peacefully into state-run TV headquarters in Belgrade to criticize a broadcaster whose reporting consider highly biased. After the leaders of opposition have asked few minutes on the national television to speak about the protests and share their requests on the national TV.

Special police forces arrived at the scene in the Serbian capital and were trying to take demonstrants out by force and beating, including some opposition leaders, who had entered the downtown building. All media belonging to the progressive party were reporting lies and building invented stories of the event, in order to save their image of a savers of the country, witch they have thought up.

Latter today at noon demonstrants have geatherered in front of the Presidum building at the time President of Serbia was having extraordinary press conference, where we continued to trow lies and populist ideas. Protestants did not want to leave the surrounding of the building until presidents goes out and speaks to citizens, with he did not do. After aresst of many people, and tooking them to jail without judgement protestents are now heading to the main police office in Belgrade.

Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic warned the protesters to leave the building or be removed as police would “protect all Serbian TV journalists, he warned that patience of police will not last forever.

This was the first major incident after months of peaceful protests against populist leader Vucic. The demonstrators are demanding his resignation, free elections and media, and more democracy.

Thousands of people rallied in Serbia’s capital for 15th week in a row against populist President Aleksandar Vucic and his government. The protests began after thugs beat up an opposition politician in November. Political instability in Serbia lasts for more than 7 years, since when the ex-nationalist Aleksandra Vucic formed the government. His government is colored by pressure, false media covering, populistic statements and persecution off all who have different opinion. Journalists are under pressure to inform what they have been said, the ones who are criticizing the current situation were or fired, or their TV shows were abandoned,some of them had burned houses and life thretens (examples Olja Bećković, Ivan Ivanović, Draža Petrović, all very famous journalists whose shows were cancelled due to criticism, and many more similar examples). Election process is endangered, by stealing of votes, and punching and persecution of all the ones who were not working for the leading Serbian Progressive Party. Hundreds of thousands of people leave Serbia every year due to the repressive regime and difficult conditions of living.

We condemn any usage of force by police on the protestants, we urge for the fair and decent election conditions, without pressure, we are asking for the media and freedom of speech. We highly condemn arrest of political opponents, members of political parties, organizers of the protest and students in the streets of Belgrade

We ask for the international support in this very sensitive topic, where country in the middle of the European soil is autocrative and with violation of basic human rights.


Against all forms of fascism, for an inclusive, equal and multicultural society!!!

The Italian fascist movement Forza Nuova organised a national demonstration in Prato (Tuscany) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the fascism birth next March 23th.

On 23 March 1919, Mussolini enunciated in Milan, the fundamental principles of the political movement Fasci Italiani di Combattimento.

Adopting the motto “Save Italy”, the demonstration’s organizers decided to evoke the fear of “Bolshevik invasion” from last century and to feed this fear with a new threat: the “strangers invasion”.

Prato is actually identified as an Italian symbol of a multi-ethnic and a multi-cultural community, a model to fight if you want to build fear of others, of foreigners, xenophobia and hate.

We cannot allow fascists groups to celebrate the dictatorship that deprived men and women of their freedom for two decades.

We still need to fight discriminations and hate based on the primacy of the Italians culture.

The Italian Constitution forbids the reorganizing, in any form whatsoever, of the dissolved fascist party. Italian and international laws ban racial hate propaganda and condemn inciting ethnic, racial or religious hatred and discrimination.

The European Parliament recently adopted a resolution on the rise of neo-fascist violence in Europe. The Resolution of 25 October (20182018/2869(RSP)), having regard to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, strongly condemns all violent attacks by neo-fascist groups against politicians and members of political parties as reported in some Member States, acknowledges the worrying trend of neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups using social media and the internet to organise and strategize across the European Union, deplores the fact that in some Member States public broadcasting has become an example of single political party propaganda, which often excludes opposition and minority groups from society and even incites violence, calls on the Member States to take further measures to prevent, condemn and counter hate speech and hate crime.

In solidarity with Italian people, IUSY share the struggle of Italian friends and comrades and strongly demands that no place in the political representation or in the public space is given to ideas and movements unambiguously supporting fascist history and values.



As we go marching marching…

110 years ago we started to celebrate the International Women*’s day.

The idea of an international women*’s day was born on 28th of February 1909 based on the initiative of the American Socialist Party.

One year later, in Copenhagen, the Socialist International held a meeting that adopted an International Women’s Day, although no fixed date was set.  As a result of the Copenhagen initiative an annual celebration with marches for women’s rights have been held. International Women’s day has been celebrated on 8th of March since 1975.

Since 1910, women* have held demonstrations to promote equal rights, including suffrage for women*. They protested in order to obtain the right to vote and to hold public office. They also protested against gender discrimination in employment.

March 8 became a symbol for the global resistance of women* struggling for their human rights, equality, recognition and respect.

Still, 110 years later, the struggle for gender equality is just as needed.

What are we fighting for today?

Today, we are still suffering from the persisting inequalities between men and women*, due to social, economic and cultural reasons, represent one of the most pervasive forms of oppression in human history.

Gender specific education, gender stereotypes, and labour market division still produce patriarchal structures at all levels of society.

More than two thirds of all people suffering from poverty are women*. They have low and inadequate access to health systems and education. Their income is lower, their working hours are longer, their access to the working market is limited and the social security systems often ignore their needs.  Further, women* are not represented in public life when you look at it according to their numbers among the population, only one out of eight parliamentarians all over the world is female*.

Women* are too facing sexual harassment, rape, and violence.

We all need to support women*s struggle for equal rights and opportunities as well as self-determination all around the world.

Legislation and positive action programmes should guarantee full equality between men* and women*. This means equal access to education, equal access to all jobs and equal pay for work of equal value.

We need to enforce the right to a self-determined sexuality, receive information and practical assistance in using and getting contraceptives. This right should be guaranteed to all women*.

Every woman* should be able to make decisions when it comes to her own body.  The reproductive rights of women*, including the right to have an abortion, the right to planned parenthood and the right to contraception must be respected and implemented all over the world.

We need an improvement of the child care system and a reduction of working hours in order to ensure equal opportunities and to reach a better work-life balance for both women* and men*.

We need to ensure women*’s equal participation in social and political activities in every country.  It is crucial to have a guaranteed right to equal representation of women* at all levels of decision making.

The above statements are some of the reasons why we fight and continue to fight every day to build a global feminist consciousness with the aim to make gender equality a reality everywhere in the world.

It is one of the fundamental aims of IUSY to work together, women* and men from all corners of the world, from the South hemisphere to the North. We will continue to work diligently to achieve self-determination, economic independence, new gender roles and non-violent relations.

Equality and justice for women* are a crucial element of a fair and peaceful world.

Balkan Round Table 2019

It is our pleasure to invite you to this years Balkan Roundtable Committee Leadership Meeting!

The meeting will take place 21-24th of March in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria in partnership with BSPYU and ELYA! 

The deadline for registrations is on the 14th of February.

You can find the link to the registration form here, and in the invitation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Sofia!

IUSY condemns the continuing violation of human rights against IUSY member organization MDC-T and its mother party MDC

MDC leadership and activists are being targeted. 12 Deaths,  78 gun wound victims, 5 MPs arrested, 9 Councilors arrested, 48 councilors and MPs in hiding and total of 1097 arrested members of the party

MDC Youth Assembly leaders Chairman Happymore Chidziva, his Secretary General Lovemore Chinoputsa and their entire Management Committee have had to seek safety from the wrath of the hit squads.

Many grassroots activists have been picked and tortured. ZANU PF seems to be planning a total annihilation of the MDC by eliminating all its key leaders using state machinery.

In 23/01/19 ZANU PF have stormed the house of our MDC Youth leader searching for him. They beat everyone in the house, children included, and firing bullets! 

On Tuesday 22 January 2019, people were indiscriminately attacked in the central business district, Glen Norah and Ruwa, an artist who released an anti-violence song was also brutalized and left for dead.

Arrests of the innocent people of Zimbabwe continues particularly known MDC activists, Members of Parliament, councilors , brutality is intensifying and individuals who have raised their voices against violence are being targeted.

The International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) expresses great concern about recent events in Zembabwe and the continuing violation of human rights against IUSY member organization MDC-T and its mother party MDC.

We, Young socialists of IUSY stand with our Member Organization MDC-T of Zembabwe and its mother Party MDC in their fight against violation and oppression perpetrated by ZANU PF.

IUSY calls for the immediate release of all MDC prisoners who were detained in violation of low.

As young socialists; we call all parties in Zembabwe to sit together and use dialogue instead of confrontation, we aspire, that MDC and ZANU PF can focus into work together for all Zimbabweans

IUSY Mediterranean Committee 2019

It is our pleasure to invite you to the IUSY Mediterranean Committee Leadership Conference 2019 that will take place 14-17 March, 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

This year’s theme of the Committee is “Neo-liberalism and populism in the Mediterranean” and it will be organised in partnership with Socialist Youth of Spain. 

Please register your delegates following the link by 14 February 2019 the latest.

Should you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us at the Secretariat.

Looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Madrid.

BSAC 2019

It is our pleasure to invite you to the IUSY BSAC Committee Leadership Conference 2019 that will take place 13-16 April 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

This year’s theme of the Committee is “Decent Work For Youth” and it will be organised in partnership with Georgian Dream Youth and Young Socialists of Georgia. 

Please register your delegates following the link by 14 March 2019 the latest.

Should you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us at the Secretariat.

Looking forward to meeting you in beautiful Tbilisi in April.

Hands off the Children! IUSY urges the Philippines to drop the bill making children criminally liable

IUSY is alarmed with the Philippine government’s latest plan to make nine to twelve year old children criminally liable. This move adds to the government’s long list of policies that turn on the most vulnerable members of society, including a killing spree that has targeted the poor.

Jailing children never made a community safe. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has pushed for the bill in several of his speeches, claiming that criminal syndicates have used children as pawns in their crimes. IUSY believes that this bill punishes children who are already victimized by poor circumstances. The police even admitted that most children in conflict with the law come from poor families!

The Philippine government is eroding its own credibility in the international community by violating treaties it signed to protect children. Nine or twelve years old children are too young to jail.

The bill, which is widely supported by allies of President Duterte, is being deliberated in the Senate and the House of Representatives making it likely to be passed into law soon. We join youth and children’s organizations in the Philippines in calling for the legislature to reject the bill lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility. We call on the international community to urge the Philippine government to stay true to their international obligations and drop the dangerous bill. #JailNoChildren #Not9Not12